Benefits of Use

The families that we work with tell us they value our services and that they know of nowhere else that they can go to get this kind of support. The ethos of Home Start is that volunteers who are themselves parents support other parents – not by offering ‘expert’ advice but by sharing their experiences and building confidence and networks of support to avoid families becoming unable to cope. Home-Start is now a vibrant community resource, helping to develop and deliver effective services for Redbridge parents and their children.

Home-Start Redbridge enabled parents/carers to gain information about child development and appropriate parenting, reducing their anxieties and their concerns about their own parenting skills.

Sabrina is 35 years old. She has a one year old and two-year-old twins. She had a difficult pregnancy with her one year old and as a result has severely restricted mobility. She describes herself as being trapped in the house, unable to get out with the twins and dependent on friends who frequently let her down. Due to her mental and physical health problems, her twins were not reaching any of their development milestones. She was diagnosed with depression and high blood pressure and simply was not coping. After being referred to Home-Start from the local Children’s Centre, Sabrina says that after just six weeks with a Home-Start volunteer befriender there has been a noticeable difference in the twins’ behaviour. She and the befriender take the children to the park where they socialise with other families. Her doctor is no longer recommending an increase in her anti-depressant medication, and she says this is in part because she no longer feels constantly guilty about what she is unable to do for her children.

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“All stories were submitted by Home-Start Redbridge families. For confidentiality reasons there have been some minor changes, and some deletions made to fit with publication and printing needs. Grateful thanks to families at Home-Start Redbridge for their contributions.”